Instantly Create Powerful YouTube Channel Linkwheel's and Money Video Hubs That Harness The Awesome Internal Link Power + Authority of The Second Most Used Search Engine on Earth And Use it to PUSH Your Videos, Channels, And Websites Higher in Google!

Here's why you NEED to use the killer ranking power of creating video linkwheels using VLV 2.0!

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Watch "Video Link Vortex 2.0" Create Open + Closed YouTube Channel Linkwheel's + Money Video Hub's in SECONDS....

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Video Link Vortex YT API C

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Here is a Short Case Study of Results That Anthony Aires Got Using Video Link Vortex 2.0!

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Here's How to Use The Awesome Domain Authority And High PR Link Juice of YouTube to Your Advantage to Help Rank Your Videos Within Minutes of Firing up Video Link Vortex 2.0 !

Hey it's Bill Cousins!

YouTube insiders have known for a long time that the power and link juice of any YouTube URL is awesome and has the ability to help rank other videos located inside of the main YouTube property.

Here's why... YouTube has so much fricking domain authority (its WAY up there) and it's page rank last we checked was 10! That is huge and gives the second largest search engine in the world a TON OF POWER that we can tap into to help rank our videos!

PLUS... it's owned by Google itself! That alone gives it that extra ranking love that we video marketers cherish!

So... like I mentioned above any YouTube video URL has that power and authority built right into to, and it will pass that power and authority to other pages that are located INSIDE of YouTube.

So what we need to do is make sure we use that FREE ranking power inside of YouTube to help us rank other videos that we have inside of YouTube!

See that is the key point here, the real power and juice only is at it's fullest potential when it is flowing around INSIDE of YouTube.

YouTube's own links flowing around INSIDE of itself are all do-follow links and those are what helps to make them so powerful.

When a link points OUT of YouTube say to your website or to an offer your promoting they are not do-follow links any more.

They still are powerful but they are not nearly as powerful as they are when they are pointing to something (mainly another videos page) inside of YouTube itself!

The first YouTube ranking training course I ever created way back in 2012 was call Rocket Video Ranker and it was the first video ranking course to teach this, and the whole premise inside that was how to use this killer power of YouTube to rank your other videos (I coined the term "Money Video") that you had uploaded into YT.

The course was a smash hit because it worked so well and to this day now in 2016 it still works great! And we are now up to version RVR 4 and getting ready to do a 5th anniversary and final edition of it!

So lets get into what Video Link Vortex 2.0 is...

One of the ways we were using this power that was floating around inside YouTube was to create our optimized YouTube channels, upload our videos over time, do our normal SEO on the "money videos" to help get them ranked, and as another powerful YouTube video ranking tactic we would manually create a linkwheel using all of the videos in those channels.

See what you want is to have each video in your channel pointing at the next video in your channel one after another and then have the last video pointing back to the first one.

That is a true "closed" linkwheel and that is one of the ways that VLV 2.0 can make sure that all of the videos inside of your channels will truly pass all of that high PR and domain authority from video to video around and around and around helping to push them up higher in both Google + YouTube search.

It works great and is a simple idea but the only way to do it was the manual way that could easily take hours because you had to log into your channel... copy the url of video 1... then open the edit function of video 2... paste it into the bottom of the description and save... wait for the saving to be over.... then move onto the next video in line.

To put it bluntly the manual process SUCKS and was huge time trap! And one thing none of us has extra time right? No we don't have any extra time!

So even though the tactic works great and helps rank your videos higher we hated doing it! I mean WE REALLY DREADED the old manual process!

That was when we decided to build our web based app called Video Link Vortex 2.0!

Video Link Vortex 2.0 takes that old manual process of creating super powerful YouTube channel linkwheel's and cuts it from taking hours down to minutes of our valuable time!

Ya that's right I said MINUTES not hours!

All you need to do now when you have access to Video Link Vortex 2.0 is...

  • 1

    Login to the web based app (btw it works on both MAC + PC)

  • 2

    Login to your desired YouTube channel right from inside of Video Link Vortex 2.0

  • 3

    Click the "Create Wheel" button inside the easy to follow menu

  • 4

    Wait for a few seconds and your new YouTube video linkwheel is built in your channel!

  • 5

    Update when ever you add or remove videos from your channels with just a few clicks!

That is it! It really is that simple but don't let the simplicity of the software fool you. It took our programmers months to figure out how to make this happen!

There was a lot of testing and tweaking to get this exactly right!

You see just having it do that was not quite enough for us!

We also created this software so that when ever you add or remove videos to and from your channels, all you need to do is to log back in and run the software again and it will automatically update and re build your channels linkwheel according to the newly uploaded or removed videos!

Because we wanted to make this as easy to use as possible and allow easy channel linkwheel re-building with just a couple more clicks of the mouse!

UPDATE!  OK your really going to love these 2 new functions/features we just added to VLV 2.0!

So now that we have the ability to create true closed linkwheel's using all of our videos that he have uploaded into our channels over and over and over... what would be the next thing that we would want to do?

Use the new "Money Video Hub Ranker" function to take your video linkwheel ranking power to the highest power level available that is what!

What this gives you the power to do is this... take any money video URL you might have (they can be from any channel you want) and instantly add them to all of the videos descriptions inside your channel that you already created your linkwheel with!

Also you can use this to help rank ANY website! It does NOT only work for ranking YouTube videos (please be careful using this to point at sites out of YouTube, we explain why in the private FB mastermind + in the VLV 2.0 members area).

We have seen the power and linkjuice of YouTube help rank sites on the outside of YouTube but as we just mentioned you need to be careful (only for sites OUTSIDE of YouTube).

If you want to see what I mean just watch my video above again where I explain the power of this towards the end!

So essentially all of that super powerful YouTube video link juice that is passing from video to video inside your channel will ALSO be passed to the center (the hub) of the wheel to your money videos to force them to use as much of that linkjuice as possible for crazy ranking power!

BUT WAIT... if that was not enough... we have just added to ability to create MULTIPLE CHANNEL LINKWHEELS inside of any of your YouTube accounts!

That's right, not only can you create true closed super powerful linkwheels inside of all of your single channels but now you can also create closed multi channel wheels for even MORE YOUTUBE RANKING POWER!

This new function is HUGE (can you tell I am excited about this?) because now all of the videos that you have inside of any of your YouTube accounts can all be connected together to help push themselves up in both the Google search AND the YouTube rankings!

And just like all of the other features inside of Video Link Vortex 2.0 they are super easy to create AND they can be edited by you in just a few minutes from inside of the software!

AND THERE IS MORE... We have some pretty big SEO experts as friends who we chat with about ideas and techniques to help rank our YouTube videos + channels.

In case you didn't know pretty much the same SEO ranking methods that work to get a normal website higher in Google will also work to rank your YouTube videos!

We'll after talking to some of these guys they said that we should add in the function to also create "open ended" linkwheels.

Some say that those help rank the web properties in the wheels better but to be honest we have seen pretty much the same results using both!

BUT... with that being said (as Alex Becker likes to say) we have now added that function into Video Link Vortex 2.0.

You can now also create the "open ended single and multi channel linkwheels and as in the other types of YouTube linkwheels you can build they are fully update-able if needed within seconds!

ANOTHER FEATURE JUST ADDED... Lets say for instance you have a YouTube channel that has a mixture of videos inside it that are not all about the same niche or topic.

Well your linkwheels are going to be much more powerful and push your videos onto page 1 of Google and YouTube if the videos inside them are are related!

Google loves related content and until now you would have had to go into your channels and find all of those specific videos and MANUALLY connect them together by copying and pasting the URLs into the correct video descriptions which could take you hours!

Well we have just added a new "Select Videos in Channel" feature into VLV 2.0 so now all you need to do is log into your desired channel with all of the different videos in it, and select the ones you want to create a linkwheel with, click "Create Linkwheel" and WALA there ya go you have created your new keyword/topic specific linkwheel!

All done withing seconds and all fully update-able!

SO... are you seeing the power of Video Link Vortex 2.0 yet?

This app will allow you to quickly and easily harness the awesome power of YouTube's authority and PR to rank ALL of the videos inside your channels over and over and over!

Like I mentioned earlier using this FREE power to help rank your videos by passing that juice from video to video to video inside of your channels is a tactic that we and top YouTube SEO ranking experts have been using for a LONG time now and now YOU can have that same power at your fingertips just a few minutes from now by grabbing this special deal we're running on Video Link Vortex 2.0!

No more hours + hours of long time consuming copy + pasting needed! Video Link Vortex 2.0 does it all!

Watch the video above again to see exactly what VLV 2.0 does and then join us and the other smart YouTube video marketing experts + our students that are already using it along with us to help rank their videos higher in BOTH Google + YouTube!

See you inside the members area and in the private FB Mastermind group! !

  • Bill Cousins

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  • UPDATE! Access to the new "Multi Channel Linkwheel" creation function (watch the demo video)!
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  • Create video linkwheels in your channels using specific selected videos in that channel only (watch the demo video)!

Don't delay, grab Video Link Vortex 2 .0 now before we raise the pricing!

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Video Link Vortex YT API C

***Create an UNLIMITED number of channel linkwheels per day - in your Personal + Client channels !

Restrictions apply on this 30 day money back guarantee PLEASE read the paragraph below fully!


DO NOT buy this software to try it out and then ask for a refund! If you think Video Link Vortex may not be a good fit for your business model or you do not want to risk anything happening to your YouTube account or channels then do not buy it. If you think it may be too advanced and complicated for you to run the software then do not buy it. With that out of the way... Use the software for 30 full days, put it thru the wringer, show us that you used the software, ask for help thru our support desk at support@prolificmarketer.com,  show us that it did not function as described **(does not apply if you have a crap internet connection or if you are trying to run your business on a system below Windows 7)** and we'll be glad to refund your full purchase price if we cant get Video Link Vortex to operate for you! ALSO...Please understand that we are not in control of YouTube or Google and there are no guarantees of any changes in your rankings from using this app! We have no control over what else you may be doing or have done inside of your YouTube channels. We code our apps to work as well as they possibly can and we test and test before we launch them. With that being said there is always the chance that something may happen to your YouTube channel, videos, or account from using this app or from something on YouTube's side or their API, and that is totally out of our control and we are not liable for any loss in income or earnings from using Video Link Vortex 2.0.  Use this software at your own risk! We reserve the right to change or update this guarantee at any time! Prolific Marketer LLC 2016.

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